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Looking for Investment Property in Nashville?

Discover lucrative opportunities in Nashville's booming real estate market, a magnet for savvy investors seeking profitable home flipping ventures. While the national market lags, Nashville's dynamic growth continues to eclipse traditional hotspots like Las Vegas and California, drawing attention to Middle Tennessee's potential. However, navigating this competitive landscape requires expertise. Finding the perfect flip is challenging, and substantial investments are often necessary for significant returns. Smart investing demands a deep understanding of a property’s true value, strategic planning regarding the holding period, and judicious decision-making between renting or leasing during ownership. This is where the expertise of the HummerHomes Team becomes invaluable. Let us guide you in unlocking the full potential of Nashville's real estate market for your investment success.


With over 28 years of unparalleled expertise in the Nashville real estate market, the HummerHomes Team stands as your go-to authority for investment properties. Our deep-rooted experience in Music City enables us to adeptly assist clients in locating, valuing, buying, and selling properties, ensuring informed and profitable decisions. We offer invaluable insights into the latest market trends, rental yields, and sales prices, all vital for investment success in Nashville's dynamic real estate landscape. Our portfolio encompasses a diverse range of transactions, from securing and managing long-term investment properties to navigating the complexities of short-term ventures. Partner with the seasoned real estate professionals at HummerHomes Team and unlock the potential of earning substantial returns in Nashville’s lucrative property market!

Purchasing an investment property is a very different matter than buying a residence. While there are personal tastes, emotional issues, and other factors attached to the purchase of a primary residence, investment properties are all about financial return.


When you begin your search for investment properties in greater Nashville, start in the hottest areas. Belle Meade, Belmont, Brentwood, Franklin, Burton Hills, Cool Springs, Edgefield, Forest Hills, Green Hills, Nolensville, Spring Hill, Vandy, and Nashville’s Downtown and Gulch Condos are all booming right now. We can search out likely properties for you in these proven areas, or you can use our comprehensive online MLS Search tools to find a property yourself. The HummerHomes Team currently works with a select number of institutional and private investors, and we look forward to assisting you.


Nashville is a fast-growing city, and promises to continue its growth spurt with the arrival of companies like Alliance Bernstein, Oracle, Amazon and Facebook. The HummerHomes Team can help you invest in all kinds of properties, including condos, town homes, single-family homes, and commercial properties. Also interesting are the possibilities for corporate rental homes, which will be in high demand as executives for Alliance Bernstein, Oracle and other large corporations spend increasing amounts of time in Nashville.

To start your search for Nashville investment properties, contact expert Realtor Cindy Jasper, Broker, ABR, CSP, CLHMS.

Once you’ve found a Nashville property that interests you, you’re ready to invest. But before you commit, you should understand exactly what you’re getting into. Here are some basic facts about which every investor in Middle Tennessee should be aware.

  • Understand your timetable: Although there are exceptional cases, in general real estate is not a liquid investment, and you can’t expect to sell your property or properties in a few days, or even in a few weeks. Often, sales can take a few months or more, although in hot real estate areas turnaround times may be substantially less.
  • Understand your long-term goals: Are you simply seeking to make money in a hot market, or are you looking for properties to provide you with rental income for years to come? Your long-term goals will seriously impact the types of property you should consider.
  • Understand your motivation: Real estate investment is not a quick fix to pay off a mountain of debt, nor is it a get-rich quick scheme. Real estate investment is a business like any other, and we of the Cindy Jasper HummerHomes Team treat it as such.

    • How much money can you reasonably dedicate to the purchase of investment property? Have you been pre-qualified for an investor’s home loan?
    • How much money can you reasonably dedicate to the renovation and subsequent upkeep of your investment property?
    • If you are making major improvements, have you allocated funds for permit costs, architect’s fees, and other improvement-related expenses?
    • How much of your own time and labor are you willing to invest in your property? Can you afford to hire contractors if you cannot complete the work yourself?
    • How long can you hold each property before it becomes a financial burden to you?
    • How much will the property appreciate or depreciate in the time you intend to hold it?
    • How much money have you allocated to insure your property, and for how long?
    • If you decide to rent or lease rather than sell the property, will you pay a property manager to oversee tenants and maintenance, or will you do it yourself? Do you have funds allocated for emergency repairs to of the property?
    • What are the tax implications of a quick sale versus a long-term investment? Will the property taxes on your investment property change once your improvements are completed?

Here at HummerHomes, we strive to make investing as lucrative as possible for our clients. In addition to assisting you with your property search, we can recommend reputable Nashville mortgage brokers, insurance agents, and other area professionals who can help make your investment experience easy and profitable.

If you’re serious about making money in the Nashville real estate market, Cindy Jasper and the HummerHomes Team are here to serve you. We’re committed to making your investment purchase a rewarding and stress-free experience. So please, sit back, relax, and let us be your real estate concierge! We specialize in Nashville Real Estate, Franklin Real Estate, Brentwood Real Estate, Belle Meade Real Estate, Cool Springs Real Estate, Green Hills Real Estate, College Grove Real Estate, Arrington Real Estate, Nolensville Real Estate, Spring Hill Real Estate, Thompsons Station Real Estate, Mount Juliet Real Estate, Murfreesboro Real Estate and Old Hickory Real Estate! For more information, please call Cindy Jasper 615.300.4695

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Cindy has carved a niche in serving high net worth and ultra-high net worth individuals in Brentwood, Franklin, and Nashville. With a deep understanding of these upscale markets, she brings invaluable insights and recommendations tailored to each client's unique needs. Upholding the strictest confidentiality for her clients, she consistently delivers an unparalleled level of service and expertise. As a trusted real estate professional in Brentwood, Franklin, and Nashville, Cindy ensures every transaction is smooth, discreet, and tailored to perfection. Choose Cindy to navigate the luxury property landscape with confidence and finesse.

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